Hi! I’m Kelly and I’m your fairy god-VA!

I can do all those admin tasks you’d rather not so that you're free to focus on the trickier parts of running your business!


What’s a VA?

My VA (Virtual Assistant) services offer you the freedom to concentrate on building and maintaining your blog, online store or business by letting me deal with email enquiries, editing and proofreading content, creating promotional graphics, writing product descriptions and much, much more.


So, who needs a VA?


You're a blogger and you have blogmin coming out of your ears! You never seem to have the time to actually sit and create the content you love. Or, perhaps you struggle with a particular social media platform?

Are you a blogger?

A VA can take on those boring tasks you love to hate, leaving you free to focus on the work that will drive your blog forward!

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Small Business

You're running a small business, but you're drowning in admin. You don't want the cost of employing someone to help out, but trying to do it all is holding you back. Or perhaps you need help with social media promotion?

Small Biz Owner?

A VA is the perfect solution - flexible, no employee responsibilities or overheads to worry about, and the experience to take on those tasks so you can work ON your biz and not IN it!

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Want more bang for your buck?

Find out how I can create several pieces of content from just one blog post, podcast or video. Click the button to learn more about my content repurposing packages.

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“If you are looking for a skilled, efficient, creative and incredibly helpful VA to work with – then Kelly should be on speed dial! And if you have never hired a VA before I urge you to give her a go. I had a tech problem with my WordPress site that had been bugging me for ages and taking up so much of my time. Kelly fixed it in super quick time and it works perfectly and looks brilliant.”
Claire, Claire Coleman Photography